JetTabs – Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder

JetTabs – Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder

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JetTabs là một addon cho Elementor page builder với phong cách hiện đại, giúp thêm các đoạn accordion, tab,… rất nhiều tùy chọn giúp bạn tạo wesite đa phong cách.

JetTabs – Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder



JetTabs widgets allow adding content using Elementor live page builder. You can add imagery, text passages, headlines, dividers and many other content elements into tabs and accordion blocks just by dragging and dropping them into the needed areas.


Grasp the opportunity to create tabs and enrich them with all kinds of Elementor-built content using gorgeous Tabs widget, which makes it possible to organize content in a smart way and make it look way more stylish.


Accordion blocks will become the milestones of your creative work if you’re into optimizing your webpage’s looks and want to create classy blocks with unfolding content created with Elementor.


Explore the opportunity to enrich accordion blocks with vivid imagery. The widget is specially cut for building creative and eye-catching content, making it possible to place all good things at once in one place.


Try out different layouts and find the one to your liking to deliver ideas just the way you need! With JetTabs you don’t have any limits in organizing content, the widgets making the process not only simple but worth it with vertical and horizontal layouts for different matters.


JetTabs is a perfect solution for those people who value style and want their content to be perfectly built. The plugin has multiple style settings, allowing to change typography, colors, add box shadows and borders.


You don’t really need to learn coding to create the unique designs of Your page using JetTabs in tandem with Elementor live page builder. Just play around with loads of style settings and content options, and see for yourself how easily everything can be done!


JetTabs gives the opportunity to make your website’s content fully responsive. It will look great on all kinds of screens, regardless of if it is a desktop, a tablet or a mobile device.


With JetTabs you can change the text direction from left-to-right to right-to-left! Its widgets fully support RTL, and are simple to use regardless of what language the user speaks.


JetTabs is a multilingual-ready plugin, that is really easy-to-use for people all over the world! Use it together with WPML plugin to enjoy it in Your native language!

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